We Do Services & Repairs.

At Backyard Resorts we do more than sell hot tubs and pools. We have one of the largest Service & Repair Departments in the Waterloo Region. Call our Service Department today to book an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians. Didn’t purchase your hot tub at Backyard Resorts? No problem! We service all makes and models.

Pool and hot tub installs, regular maintenance, cleaning, and seasonal closings… we do it all!
Call us today to talk to a Backyard Resorts technician!

We also provide our customers with computerized water analysis FREE OF CHARGE. Keeping your water balanced is important in order to maintain clean and clear water that feels good when you’re in it.

Learn more about our water analysis here

Emergency & After Hour Contact

To contact our Service & Repair department during regular work hours please contact us directly by phone.
To contact our Service & Repair department after hours please use the Service & Repair Contact Form. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

**If you require emergency service after hours, or during holiday closure, please submit a contact us form**

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Pool Owners

Try our Bioguard pool products. Bring in a water sample in the spring upon opening of your pool, and every 4-6 weeks throughout the pool season. It is harder for algae to grow in properly balanced water, therefore let us help you keep it that way. Also, having documented water testing can also assist you in warranty claims with certain manufacturers.

Hot Tub Owners

We offer both Beachcomber & SpaGuard products. Bring in a sample upon every fresh fill and every 4 weeks after. Regular water balancing can not only help maintain your equipment, but it can also increase the comfort of your bathing experience. Our testing can also help you monitor when it is time to change your water, helping you get the most out of each fill.


  • Liner Replacements
  • Safety Cover
  • Installations
  • Openings & Closings
  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • Pressure Testing
  • Equipment Repair & Replacement
  • Salt System Conversions
  • Weekly & Biweekly Maintenance Programs

Hot Tubs

  • Beachcomber Warranty Service
  • Equipment Repairs & Replacement
  • Leak Detection and Plumbing Repairs
  • Winterizing & Seasonal Closures
  • Drain & Clean Services
  • Replacement Covers
  • Tub Deliveries & Relocations
  • In-store Servicing of Spa Packs & Pumps
  • Pack Rebuilding

Show & Tell Service

Have you purchased a new home with a pool or hot tub. Learn from the pros how to properly care for your new luxury item. Our service professionals will come out to your home and walk you through regular care and maintenance, from water care and vacuuming, to cleaning your filter. Take away the mystery with our hands on training.

To learn more about this service contact our Service Department

Pool Liners

Is your pool looking tired and dated? Freshen up your backyard with a new swimming pool liner. Our service crew does it all from start to finish, leaving you with a brand new look. Is it more than just the liner? Call to get a quote for a full pool renovations.

To see all available liner patterns, check out our Liner Page

Pool Closings

Take a break and let us handle the dirty work. Our crew is in and out in one short visit and able to handle any type of pool or winter cover. Call to book your appointment today.

To learn more about this service contact our Service Department

Safety Covers

Tired of stagnant mosquito ridden water on your winter cover? Why not upgrade to a new safety cover. The tight woven mesh creates an attractive, safe alternative. Easy to remove and install and as an added bonus, a full pool each spring.

To learn more about this service contact our Service Department

Hot Tub Drain & Clean

When life gets busy, let us do the dirty work. Let our service professionals drain and deep clean your spa for you. We flush the pipes and provide a through wipe down and rinse of the entire spa. All you have to do is refill and enjoy.

To learn more about this service contact our Service Department