What makes Backyard Resorts unique?

There are five key reasons a Backyard Reosrts is your best choice for pool care. They are highly trained, well-equipped, experienced, friendly, focused and trustworthy. Visit us at either Backyard Resort location in Kitchener or Cambridge and discover the BioGuard Expert Advantage for yourself!

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Backyard Resorts is happy to help you fix any water chemistry issues in your pool or hot tub with our detailed water testing station created by BioGuard. It is specifically tailored to reflect BioGuard chemicals, helping you easily find what product is required to fix any given issue – including the exact amount to add! One of our helpful staff members will walk you through the results step by step – converting dosage amounts into easy measuring tools – giving you the confidence when leaving the store that you will be taking care of your investment in the best way possible.

Bring in a water sample to have it tested! Below is the information we will need for new customers:

  • Pool must be running for at least 8 hours prior to taking the sample (longer for openings)
  • 500ml DRINKING WATER bottle – (no pop, juice jugs, pickle jars, wine bottles etc as this will compromise the water sample)
  • Pool or Hot Tub Litres, or size and shape
  • Sanitizer being used (ex. chlorine, bromine, salt, photos if you are not sure!)
  • Salt system brand, or ideal salt level
  • Note any issues you are having